Elizebeth A Frank

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BACKGROUND Blood glucose determination is one of the most common clinical diagnostic tests. Often, blood is collected in a field station and analysis is carried out in a remote laboratory. Because blood cells can continue to metabolize glucose, the time of determination of blood glucose after drawing the blood is important. METHOD In order to test the(More)
We developed scintillation proximity assays (SPA) to discover compounds which inhibit phosphopeptide binding to Src homology 2 (SH2) domain proteins Grb2 and Syk. An assay artifact is reported here as a caveat to others. The SPA used an antibody to couple glutathione-S-transferase SH2 domain fusion proteins to scintillant beads coated with protein A. A(More)
The functional significance of phospholipase D (PLD) could most easily be investigated using selective inhibitors. We have isolated a family of fungal metabolites, ketoepoxides, that inhibit chemotactic peptide (formyl-Met-Leu-Phe)-stimulated PLD activation and superoxide generation in granulocytes in the low micromolar range (SCH 49210 having an IC50 of(More)
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