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It was shown in culture in vitro that neurons isolated from the cryopreserved brain of adult molluscs Lymnaea stagnalis L. retain viability. Isolated brains were frozen in liquid nitrogen vapors at a rate of 400-500 degrees C/min in the presence of 2 M dimethylsulfoxide. The samples were then plunged into liquid nitrogen and stored from 1 month to 2 years.(More)
The aim of the study was assessment of hepatocyte apoptosis depending on expression of Fas and FasL proteins by various liver cells in patients with chronic viral hepatitis B (CVHB) or chronic viral hepatitis C (CVHC). The symptoms of hepatocyte apoptosis were observed in 3 of 12 patients with CVHB and in 9 of 14 patients with CVHC, the proportion of(More)
Changes in the functional state of the synthetic apparatus of neurons of the peripharyngeal ring of the mollusk Lymnaea stagnalis upon elevating the temperature of the habitat from 4 to 18-22 degrees C were studied. In the first series of experiments, it was found that the synthetic activity of neurons of the great and small parietal, visceral, and pleural(More)
Under study was the reparative regeneration of the frog's tibial muscle and the reason of its delay under local X-ray irradiation in dosage of 800 and 3000 r. The irradiated animals were shown to have the same type of regeneration as non-irradiated animals. Both pale proper muscle nuclei and dark subsarcolemma nuclei belonging, to the author's mind, to(More)
Bacterial endotoxins (BE) that are lipopolysaccharide complexes (LPS) are a structural component of the external membrane of gram-negative bacteria. In normalcy, BE interact with many types of cells in the mammals. In terms of the concentration, BE may cause cell damage or stimulate the production of many biological mediators, such as interleukins,(More)
The reparative regeneration of the tibial muscle of the frog was studied. Both light proper-muscular nuclei and dark subsarcolemmal ones (from the author's point of view--the nuclei of cells-satellites) take part in it. The former are not labelled with H-3-thymidine do not divide mitotically, do not incorporate H-3-uridine and multiply by fragmentation.(More)
Localization of nucleoli-forming (NF) areas in chromosomes of continuous cell cultures of African green monkey kidney Vero, CV-1, GMK, BGM, BS-C-1. Macaca rhesus kidney LLC-MK2, dog kidney MDCK, pig kidney SPEV, PK-15 was studied. The NF-areas in chromosomes of African green monkey, M. rhesus, and pig cell cultures were shown to be localized in sites of(More)