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For minimum-variance estimation of parameters by the method of least squares, heteroscedastic data should be weighted inversely as their variance, w(i) proportional, variant 1/sigma(i)2. Here the instrumental data variance for a commercial high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrument is estimated from 5 to 11 replicate measurements on more than(More)
Soybean isoflavones have multiple beneficial health effects especially on estrogen-deficient diseases such as menopausal symptoms. In this study, isoflavones were produced from soybean flour, and the extraction and purification parameters were optimized to give a high yield of total isoflavones, about 0.62 mg of aglycones/g of soybean flour, which is >2(More)
To overcome the problems of limited needle insertion accuracy and human error in the use of a conventional needle guide template in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided prostate intervention, we developed a motorized MRI-compatible needle guide template that resembles a transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate template. The motorized template allows(More)
In a study of calibration with HPLC data for acetaldehyde-DNPH, we have collected replicate data (5-11 points each) for 33 samples spanning the range 0.0004-3 microg of detected analyte. Over most of this range, the data uncertainty is proportional to the signal, implying that weighted least squares is required to obtain the calibration function, since(More)
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