Elizabeth Y Dong

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UNLABELLED Injury to articular cartilage leads to degenerative changes resulting in a loss of mechanical and biochemical properties. In engineered cartilage, the injury response of developing constructs is unclear. OBJECTIVE To characterize the cellular response of tissue-engineered constructs cultured in chemically-defined medium after mechanical insult,(More)
Cognitive performance declines with increasing age. Possible cellular mechanisms underlying this age-related functional decline remain incompletely understood. Early studies attributed this functional decline to age-related neuronal loss. Subsequent studies using unbiased stereological techniques found little or no neuronal loss during aging. However,(More)
Age-related synaptic change is associated with the functional decline of the nervous system. It is unknown whether this synaptic change is the cause or the consequence of neuronal cell loss. We have addressed this question by examining mice genetically engineered to over- or underexpress neuregulin-1 (NRG1), a direct modulator of synaptic transmission.(More)
BACKGROUND Soluble factors released from chondrocytes can both enhance and induce chondrocyte-like behavior in cocultured dedifferentiated cells. The ability to similarly prime and modulate biosynthetic activity of differentiated cells encapsulated in a three-dimensional environment is unknown. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES To understand the effect of coculture on(More)
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