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CONTEXT There is insufficient literature documenting the mental health experiences and needs of rural communities, and a lack of focus on children in particular. This is of concern given that up to 20% of children and youth suffer from a diagnosable mental health problem. PURPOSE This study examines issues of access to mental health care for children and(More)
Executive summary Availability of health technology is inversely related to health need. Although health-care systems in high-income countries make extensive use of technology, people in the world's poorest countries often lack the most fundamental drugs and devices. A concerted global eff ort to encourage the development and use of health technologies that(More)
Research in the area of the pale, soft and exudative (PSE) pork and poultry meat is reviewed in this article with an emphasis on genetic, biochemical and metabolic factors contributing to the problem. Over the past five decades, there has been much more work in the pork meat area where a few genetic markers have been identified, and are currently used to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine timeliness and completeness of MMR immunization uptake and general immunization status of egg-allergic children referred to hospital for MMR vaccine who were referred back to their primary care providers with explanatory information that community-based vaccination is safe in these children. METHOD Referred children's immunization(More)
We use Young's raising operators to introduce and study double theta polynomials, which specialize to both the theta polynomials of Buch, Kresch, and Tamvakis, and to double (or factorial) Schur S-polynomials and Q-polynomials. These double theta polynomials give Giambelli formulas which represent the equivariant Schubert classes in the torus-equivariant(More)
Fungal osteomyelitis is rare in immunocompetent patients and is often difficult to cure, even with optimal medical and surgical management. The authors present two cases of fungal osteomyelitis in which the common swimming pool cleaner, polyhexamethylene biguanide, was used successfully as an adjunct to standard surgical and medical treatment. Also(More)