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Permissions The preschool, kindergarten, and primary overview chapters include material from NCTM's Curriculum Focal Points, reprinted with the permission of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. To view Curriculum Focal Points in its entirety, visit the NCTM website: www.nctm.org/focalpoints. Age group montage photographs © by: Cleo(More)
Through its publications program, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) provides a forum for discussion of major issues and ideas in the early childhood fi eld, with the hope of provoking thought and promoting professional growth. The views expressed or implied in this book are not necessarily those of the Association or its(More)
Two studies demonstrated that moods, in interaction with motivational goals, can influence counterfactual thinking (mental simulations of 'what might have been'). This was shown for performances on laboratory tasks (Study 1) and for real-life course exams (Study 2). In Study 1, with enjoyment goals, participants in good moods generated the greatest number(More)
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