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Myoblast transplantation has been considered a potential treatment for some muscular disorders. It has proven very successful, however, only in immunodeficient or immunosuppressed mice. In this study, myoblasts from C57BL10J +/+ mice were transplanted, with no immunosuppressive treatment, in the tibialis anterior of fully histocompatible but(More)
The GTPase RhoA promotes contractile ring assembly and furrow ingression during cytokinesis. Although many factors that regulate RhoA during cytokinesis have been characterized, the spatiotemporal regulatory logic remains undefined. We have developed an optogenetic probe to gain tight spatial and temporal control of RhoA activity in mammalian cells and(More)
Naturally photoswitchable proteins offer a means of directly manipulating the formation of protein complexes that drive a diversity of cellular processes. We developed tunable light-inducible dimerization tags (TULIPs) based on a synthetic interaction between the LOV2 domain of Avena sativa phototropin 1 (AsLOV2) and an engineered PDZ domain (ePDZ). TULIPs(More)
We have used three inbreds of Zea mays in our in situ and laboratory studies in environmental mutagenesis. Inbred W22 plants homozygous for wx-C were used in a study to detect the possible mutagenic properties of 32 pesticides or combination of pesticides under modern agricultural conditions. The large numbers of pollen grains analyzed and the ease in(More)
Introduction and Background This final report documents the results from our WMRC seed grant to develop a rapid, quantitative assay to measure the antioxidant capacity of chemical fractions of com distillate solids (CDS). CDS is the primary by-product of commercial com-based ethanol. We are searching for value-added products from the by-products of(More)
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