Elizabeth V. Eikey

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Many people struggle with their weight and are turning to online communities for social and informational support. The aim of this study is to understand the issues commonly discussed in online weight loss communities. Through observation and content analysis of threads in one specific weight loss community, we identified 17 distinct categories discussed by(More)
It is estimated that 30 million people in the United States have an eating disorder, and many more have unhealthy eating behaviors [5]. In addition to being psychological in nature, eating disorders are a social problem driven by the mass media promotion of the "thin ideal" [6]. More researchers have recognized the importance of studying technology on(More)
PURPOSE We examined the role of privacy in collaborative clinical work and how it is understood by hospital IT staff. The purpose of our study was to identify the gaps between hospital IT staff members' perceptions of how electronic health record (EHR) users' protect the privacy of patient information and how users actually protect patients' private(More)
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