Elizabeth T Skoy

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OBJECTIVE To describe the development and outcomes of an advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) for a medical mission trip to Guatemala. DESIGN Pre-mission preparation and post-mission reflection activities were combined with in-country activities to create a 5-week APPE. During the 10-day medical mission trip, pharmacy students dispensed(More)
OBJECTIVE To design an educational activity and evaluate its effectiveness on increasing third-year pharmacy students' knowledge and confidence to recommend self-care products to patients. DESIGN Faculty members created a self-care activity, the Amazing Self-Care Race, for educational use in a pharmaceutical care laboratory course. Student teams worked(More)
Objective. To increase student pharmacist empathy through the use of an auditory hallucination simulation. Design. Third-year professional pharmacy students independently completed seven stations requiring skills such as communication, following directions, reading comprehension, and cognition while listening to an audio recording simulating what one(More)
Based on surveys and structured interviews, International Health Experiences (IHEs) improve cultural sensitivity, communication, and self-confidence among health professions students. However, open-ended methods to explore student learning during an IHE are not widely utilized. We sought to explore pharmacy student-identified learning during an IHE in an(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate 2 forms of simulation used to train and assess third-year pharmacy students' subcutaneous and intramuscular injection techniques. DESIGN A cross-over comparison was used to evaluate an injection pad vs a patient simulator injection arm to train students in injection administration. ASSESSMENT Students completed a survey instrument(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and implement a medication therapy management (MTM) curriculum and assess students' skills and attitudes after the provision of MTM services to faculty and staff members. DESIGN Third-year students enrolled in a pharmaceutical care laboratory course received lectures and participated in MTM activities in preparation for an MTM(More)
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