Elizabeth T. Robinson

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We have examined 144 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and found a high prevalence of depression, which has not previously been reported.It is probable that good practitioners who see patients at home acquire a better understanding of the social and psychological aspects of such an illness. The presence of depression was statistically significant when(More)
We commend Stringer et al. for addressing the importance of developing and implementing a monitoring and evaluation model for measuring the effectiveness of prevention of motherto-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) programmes.1 We also recommend broadening our PMTCT lexicon and developing additional metrics for preventing both HIV acquisition by uninfected(More)
BACKGROUND General practitioner (GP) prescribing accounts for about 10% of NHS expenditure. GPs at the top of the range have annual prescribing costs that are almost twice as much as those at the bottom of the range. This variation cannot be accounted for purely in terms of differences in underlying need for health care. OBJECTIVES To describe the(More)
Many health professionals and policymakers in Africa lack access to the information needed to make evidence-based decisions for effective health care. This study collected qualitative data from 75 key informants and members of two focus groups in Senegal on various aspects of health information needs, particularly in family planning and reproductive health,(More)
The Lancet Countdown: tracking progress on health and climate change is an international, multidisciplinary research collaboration between academic institutions and practitioners across the world. It follows on from the work of the 2015 Lancet Commission, which concluded that the response to climate change could be "the greatest global health opportunity of(More)
media coverage influences how clinical trials are perceived internationally and in communities where trials occur, affecting recruitment, retention, and political support for research. We conducted a discourse analysis of news coverage from 2004-2005 of a trial in Cameroon on oral PrEP for HIV prevention, to identify messages, communication techniques, and(More)
I thank the research partners from the IMPROVE project who completed the survey questionnaire. I also thank the referee of the first version. Contributors: HH is the sole contributor to this paper. Funding: This study was not funded. The study for which the research ethics approvals were investigated—the IMPROVE project—was funded by the European(More)