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Structuralism, Hermeneutics, and Contextual Meaning
erhaps one should begin by defining one's terms. But, were I to attempt to define "structuralism" and "hermeneutics" carefully, completely, and in a way that would satisfy all-or evenExpand
Narrative Christology and the Son of Man: What the Markan Jesus Says Instead
From the point of view of "narrative christology," not only does the Markan Jesus attempt to deflect attention and honor away from himself and toward God, but he also refracts—or bends—theExpand
The iconography of the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus
Carved for a Roman city prefect who was a newly baptized Christian at his death, the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus is not only a magnificent example of "the fine style" of mid-fourth-century sculptureExpand
Mark's Jesus: Characterization as Narrative Christology
Introduction: Characterization as Narrative Christology Enacted Christology: What Jesus Does Projected Christology: What Others Say Deflected Christology: What Jesus Says in Response RefractedExpand
The Significance of Jesus' Death in Mark: Narrative Context and Authorial Audience
(ProQuest Information and Learning: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.) One of the several New Testament interpretations of the death of Jesus is that Jesus was a sin offering whose death effectedExpand
Galilee and Jerusalem: History and Literature in Marcan Interpretation
Galilee et Jerusalem dans Marc. L'A. passe en revue et discute le traitement historique de cette opposition, de E. Lohmeyer (1936) a W. Kelber (1974) en passant par R. H. Lightfoot (1938) et W.Expand