Elizabeth Smith

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It is important to distinguish between memory for item information and memory for order information when considering the nature of verbal short-term memory (vSTM) performance. Although other researchers have attempted to make this distinction between item and order memory in children, none has done so using process dissociation. This study shows that such(More)
Down syndrome (DS) is associated with a specific verbal short-term memory (STM) deficit. This study explored the effects of grouping, semantic relations and visual presentation upon verbal STM recall performance in a group of 15 individuals with DS and 15 vocabulary-matched typically developing (TD) children. Participants were presented with memoranda in(More)
When manure slurry is removed from storages for land application, there is often ‘aged’ manure that remains because the storages are not completely emptied. Aged manure may act as an inoculum and alter subsequent methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and ammonia (NH3) emissions when fresh manure is added to the system, compared to an empty storage that is(More)
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