Elizabeth Smith

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Levels of inter-male aggression, both in laboratory encounters and in the field, rise dramatically during the breeding season, closely paralleling the seasonal rise in testosterone. However, post-pubertally castrated males also show the dramatic seasonal rise in aggression in laboratory encounters with castrated opponents and show no decrement in fighting(More)
Castration of mice in freerunning conditions (total darkness, DD) causes a reduction of running wheel activity in the beginning of the active period (alpha) and stimulates activity at the end of alpha. Simultaneously, the period (tau) of the freerunning rhythm is increased. Both effects are abolished by implantation of a Silastic capsule from which a(More)
Clonidine, a commonly used antihypertensive agent believed to act by stimulation of central alpha-adrenoceptors, produced a dose-related suppression of ejaculatory behavior in sexually vigorous male rats throughout the range of treatment (0.0125-0.5 mg/kg). Treatment with 0.25 mg/kg virtually eliminated ejaculatory behavior, without altering the number of(More)
The adrenocortical and gonadal responses of 14 male monkeys were evaluated during four experimental conditions in order to evaluate the influence of social interactions on endocrine responsiveness. Plasma hormone levels were determined during the establishment of social relations, after 60-min exposures to a novel environment, after 60-min exposures to a(More)
The signal transduction adapter protein Disabled-2 (Dab2) is one of the two mammalian orthologs of the Drosophila Disabled. The brain-specific Disabled-1 (Dab1) functions in positional organization of brain cells during development. Dab2 is widely distributed and is highly expressed in many epithelial cell types. The dab2 gene was interrupted by in-frame(More)
We report a multiple-scale analysis of forest fragmentation based on 30-m (0.09 ha pixel−1) land-cover maps for the conterminous United States. Each 0.09-ha unit of forest was classified according to fragmentation indexes measured within the surrounding landscape, for five landscape sizes including 2.25, 7.29, 65.61, 590.49, and 5314.41 ha. Most forest is(More)
F9 embryonic stem cell-like teratocarcinoma cells are widely used to study early embryonic development and cell differentiation. The cells can be induced by retinoic acid to undergo endodermal differentiation. The retinoic acid-induced differentiation accompanies cell growth suppression, and thus, F9 cells are also often used as a model for analysis of(More)
It has long been noted that children omit certain unstressed syllables from their early speech, with words like banana surfacing as [ næn ], and words like elephant being realized as [ fa] (e.g., Allen and Hawkins 1978, 1980; Echols and Newport 1992; Echols 1993; Gerken 1994; Pater 1997; Kehoe 2000; see Kehoe and StoelGammon 1997 for a recent review). This(More)