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Straying From the Righteous Path and From Ourselves
The present research addresses the relationship between morally valenced behavior and perceptions of self-knowledge, an outcome that has received little attention in moral psychology. We propose thatExpand
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Free Will, Counterfactual Reflection, and the Meaningfulness of Life Events
Research has found that counterfactual reflection, the act of mentally undoing past events, imbues major life experiences with meaning. The current studies examined whether individual differences inExpand
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Becoming your true self: Perceptions of authenticity across the lifespan
Abstract Two studies investigated how authenticity is believed to change over time. We tested for two possible trajectories: (1) A simple positive linear progression driven by self-enhancementExpand
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Investing in the real me: Preference for experiential to material purchases driven by the motivation to search for true self-knowledge
Abstract One mechanism underlying the hedonic benefits of experiential purchases is that one’s core self is more centrally reflected in experiential purchases. However, little is known about whetherExpand
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Thinking about a new decade in life increases personal self-reflection: A replication and reinterpretation of Alter and Hershfield's (2014) findings.
Alter and Hershfield (2014) recently published a set of studies suggesting that people often search for existential meaning as they approach a new decade in chronological age. The purpose of theExpand
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Disassociating the Agent From the Self
Undermining the belief in free will influences thoughts and behavior, yet little research has explored its implications for the self and identity. The current studies examined whether lowering freeExpand
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Positive and Existential Psychological Approaches to the Experience of Meaning in Life
The positive psychology and experimental existential psychology movements have greatly advanced our understanding of the variables that augment and detract from the personal experience of meaning inExpand
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Meaning of Life
In this entry, we discuss the state of research in the psychological sciences on the experience of meaning in life. We first argue that the scientific study of meaning in life has progressed slowerExpand