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The author tested the use of low doses of non-ionic contrast medium (iohexol) in the bronchial tree by Metras' catheterization technique during bronchography and alveolography. The contrast medium was well tolerated, swiftly cleared and able to yield satisfactory diagnostic information. No significant pathological reactions were observed.
234 Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice | April June 2013 | Vol 4 | Issue 2 Meningiomas are the commonest intracranial tumors to which systemic metastases occur.[2,3] In meningiomas, the meningothelial variety appears to be the commonest and to the best of our knowledge there are no reports of metastasis to a psammomatous meningioma.[3] Tumor to(More)
Between September, 1981 and August, 1982, the IAP serum levels were measured in 151 patients to evaluate the correlation between these levels and the clinical spectrum. Pre- and postoperative IAP levels were also compared with the hospital course. Abnormally high IAP levels (greater than 450 micrograms/ml) were observed in malignant diseases, especially in(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the epidemiological profile of AIDS and malignancies in Mexico. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study population included a group of AIDS patients seen at four National Institutes of Health and one at a general hospital in Mexico City, from 1983 to 1992. Demographic, clinical and laboratory information was obtained. RESULTS A total of 202(More)