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After fertilization, maternal factors direct development and trigger zygotic genome activation (ZGA) at the maternal-to-zygotic transition (MZT). In zebrafish, ZGA is required for gastrulation and clearance of maternal messenger RNAs, which is in part regulated by the conserved microRNA miR-430. However, the factors that activate the zygotic program in(More)
Sequence conservation among mammalian poly(A) sites is limited to the sequence AAUAAA, coupled with an amorphous downstream U- or GU-rich region. Since these sequences may also occur within the coding region of mRNAs, additional information must be required to define authentic poly(A) sites. Several poly(A) sites have been shown to contain sequences outside(More)
The adenovirus major late transcription unit (MLTU) encodes five families of mRNAs, L1 to L5, each distinguished by a unique poly(A) site. Use of the promoter-proximal L1 poly(A) site predominates during early infection, whereas poly(A) site choice shifts to the promoter-distal sites during late infection. A mini-MLTU containing only the L1 and L3 poly(A)(More)
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