Elizabeth Romero

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We report that Id knockout mouse embryos display multiple cardiac defects, but mid-gestation lethality is rescued by the injection of 15 wild-type embryonic stem (ES) cells into mutant blastocysts. Myocardial markers altered in Id mutant cells are restored to normal throughout the chimeric myocardium. Intraperitoneal injection of ES cells into female mice(More)
The expression of the vitamin K-dependent gamma-glutamyl carboxylase gene in liver is developmentally regulated. Since the gene product catalyzes an essential post-translational modification of the vitamin K-dependent blood coagulation proteins, the regulation of carboxylase expression is critical for hemostasis. We analyzed the activity of the rat(More)
This paper introduces a multi-model ontology-based framework for semantic search of educational content in E-learning repository of courses, lectures, multimedia resources, etc. This hybrid recommender system is driven by two types of recommendations: content-based (domain ontology model) and rule-based (learner’s interest-based and cluster-based).(More)
Although mast cell secretion has been intensively studied because of its pivotal role in allergic reactions and its advantages as a physiologic model, the molecular composition of the secretory machine is virtually unknown. In view of the guanine-nucleotide dependency of mast cell exocytosis and the participation of Rab3 proteins in synaptic vesicle(More)
Megakaryocytes isolated from rat bone marrow express a voltage-dependent, outward K+ current with complex kinetics of activation and inactivation. We found that this current could be separated into at least two components based on differential responses to K+ channel blockers. One component, which exhibited features of the "transient" or "A-type" K+ current(More)
In this paper, we describe an integrated and working Elearning search system for retrieving personalized semantically enriched learning resources. Within this context, this work proposes an architecture divided into four layers: (1) Semantic Representation (knowledge representation), (2) Algorithms, which are the core engine of this study, (3)(More)
—One of the first Multi-Language Information Retrieval (MLIR) systems was implemented in 1969 by Gerard Salton who enhanced his SMART system to retrieve multilingual documents in two languages, English and German. However, the research field of MLIR is still struggling since the majority of information retrieval systems are monolingual and more precisely(More)