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Client/server is a distributed computing model in which client applications request services from server processes. Clients and servers typically run on different computers interconnected by a computer network. A client application is a process or program that sends messages to a server via the network. Those messages request the server to perform a(More)
A May 2011 Nature article by Liu, Slotine, and Barabasi laid a mathematical foundation for analyzing network controllability of self-organizing networks and how to identify the minimum number of nodes needed to control a network, or driver nodes. In this paper, we continue to explore this topic, beginning with a look at how Laplacian eigenvalues relate to(More)
Design recovery is commonly conducted across many different platforms to gain knowledge about the underlying internals of a system. In this paper, a concept of segmentation and fuzzy matching is introduced to identify IP blocks within a design. Through this process, known IP blocks, especially in optimized ASIC and FPGA designs, can be identified within a(More)
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