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121 Background: PCWG2 Concensus Criteria proposed time-to-event endpoints in early phase clinical trials. Chief among these was time to radiographic progression for bone scintigraphy (BS), based on a(More)
Award Presentations 1.! AOSSM Fellow Research Award –Annual Meeting 2016Anisometry of Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction in the Setting of Patella Alta and Increased Tibial Tubercle –(More)
e15193 Background: We have preliminarily shown that FDG PET can be used to demonstrate post-treatment responses to taxane based chemotherapy (Morris, et. al. CCR, 2005).  However, it is uncertain how(More)
PURPOSE To assess the impact elevated tibial tubercle-trochlear groove (TT-TG) distance and patella height, as measured by the Caton-Deschamps Index (CDI), have on the isometry of a reconstructed(More)
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