Elizabeth R Simons

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Upon activation, platelet alpha-granules' soluble contents are secreted and membrane-bound contents are translocated to the plasma membrane. Membrane-bound proteins include the beta-amyloid precursor protein (APP) from which the beta-amyloid (A beta) deposits found surrounding the cerebrovasculature of patients with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) may originate.(More)
We describe a new method for subcellular fractionation of human neutrophils. Neutrophils were disrupted by nitrogen cavitation and the nuclei removed by centrifugation. The postnuclear supernatant was applied on top of a discontinuous Percoll density gradient. Centrifugation for 15 rain at 48,000 g resulted in complete separation of plasma membranes,(More)
Exploration class human spaceflight missions will require astronauts with robust immune systems. Innate immunity will be an essential element for the healthcare maintenance of astronauts during these lengthy expeditions. This study investigated neutrophil phagocytosis, oxidative burst, and degranulation of 25 astronauts after four space shuttle missions and(More)
As part of the systematic evaluation of the innate immune system for long duration missions, this study focused on the antimicrobial functions of monocytes in astronauts participating in spaceflight. The study included four space shuttle missions and 25 astronauts. Nine non-astronauts served as controls. Blood specimens were collected 10 days before launch,(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the role of ionic interactions in the cell surface expression of integrins and the organization of F-actin. Understanding these interactions will allow the development of surfaces for prosthetic purposes that will promote the normal expression of adhesion proteins. METHODS Hema (hydroxyethylmethacrylate) hydrogels were used to mimic(More)
We previously reported that platelets from advanced sporadic Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients exhibit two defects: first, an aberrant signal transduction presenting as a thrombin-induced hyperacidification, which is more severe for donors with the apolipoprotein E4 allele (apoE4), and second, an AD-specific Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) processing defect(More)
Ligand-induced cross-linking of Fc gamma receptors (Fc gamma R) on neutrophils plays a significant role in their stimulation, shown here by contrasting the responses induced by low valency immune complexes (LICs) and high valency immune complexes (HICs) and by cross-linking LICs in situ (L/Ab) after their addition to the cells. Multiparameter flow cytometry(More)
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