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STUDY QUESTION Are there associations between early time-lapse parameters, expression of candidate embryo viability genes in cumulus cells and embryo quality on Day 5? SUMMARY ANSWER Early time-lapse parameters correlate to the expression levels of candidate embryo viability genes in cumulus cells but a combined analysis including both time-lapse and(More)
STUDY QUESTION Does maternal ageing and ovarian stimulation alter mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) copy number and gene expression of oocytes and cumulus cells from a novel bovine model for human IVF? SUMMARY ANSWER Oocytes collected from females with identical nuclear genetics show decreased mtDNA copy number and increased expression of an endoplasmic reticulum(More)
Perfusion of 6-hydroxydopamine through the rat knee joint causes an increase in plasma extravasation by activation of sympathetic neuron terminals. Similarly, the increase in plasma extravasation in the rat knee joint produced by the inflammatory mediator bradykinin is dependent on the sympathetic post-ganglion neuron. There is evidence that both(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize nuclear and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in spent culture media from normally developing blastocysts to determine whether it could be used for noninvasive genetic assessment. DESIGN Prospective embryo cohort study. SETTING Academic center and private in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic. PATIENT(S) Seventy patients undergoing(More)
The ability to screen embryos for aneuploidy or inherited disorders in a minimally invasive manner may represent a major advancement for the future of embryo viability assessment. Recent studies have demonstrated that both blastocoele fluid and embryo culture medium contain genetic material, which can be isolated and subjected to downstream genetic(More)
STUDY HYPOTHESIS Maternal ageing and ovarian stimulation result in the accumulation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) deletions and heteroplasmy in individual oocytes from a novel bovine model for human assisted reproductive technology (ART). STUDY FINDING The levels of mtDNA deletions detected in oocytes increased with ovarian ageing. Low levels of mtDNA(More)
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