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Acknowledgements This research effort benefited from the input of a variety of individuals who made both substantive and technical contributions. George Rengert, a consultant on the project, provided valuable insights regarding initial patterns of triangles and suggestions regarding the analysis plan that produced them. Deborah Weisel's question about the(More)
Crime is an ubiquitous part of society. The way people express their concerns about crimes has been of particular interest to the scientific community. Over time, the numbers and kinds of available communication channels have increased. Today, social media services, such Twitter, present a convenient way to express opinions and concerns about crimes. The(More)
Achieving a better understanding of the crime event in its context remains an important research area in criminology that has major implications for making better policy and developing effective crime prevention strategies. However, progress in this area has been handicapped by a lack of micro-level data and modeling tools that can capture the dynamic(More)
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