Elizabeth R. Collantes

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The recognition of adverse effects due to environmental endocrine disruptors in humans and wildlife has focused attention on the need for predictive tools to select the most likely estrogenic chemicals from a very large number of chemicals for subsequent screening and/or testing for potential environmental toxicity. A three-dimensional quantitative(More)
Intracellular calcium response and resulting calcium signaling to an agonist-GPCR interaction are important for the measurement of compound activity in the GPCR drug development. The increase in cytosol calcium concentration can be measured by the fluorescent calcium indicator dye such as Fluo-4 in a quick assay (in 3-5 minutes) using the fluorescence(More)
The present study investigates an application of artificial neural networks (ANNs) for use in pharmaceutical fingerprinting. Several pruning algorithms were applied to decrease the dimension of the input parameter data set. A localized fingerprint region was identified within the original input parameter space from which a subset of input parameters was(More)
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