Elizabeth R. B. Smith

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Although there has been much investigation of brain pathways involved in pain, little is known about the brain mechanisms involved in processing somatosensory stimuli which feel pleasant. Employing fMRI it was shown that pleasant touch to the hand with velvet produced stronger activation of the orbitofrontal cortex than affectively neutral touch of the hand(More)
We report a multiple-scale analysis of forest fragmentation based on 30-m (0.09 ha pixel−1) land-cover maps for the conterminous United States. Each 0.09-ha unit of forest was classified according to fragmentation indexes measured within the surrounding landscape, for five landscape sizes including 2.25, 7.29, 65.61, 590.49, and 5314.41 ha. Most forest is(More)
The signal transduction adapter protein Disabled-2 (Dab2) is one of the two mammalian orthologs of the Drosophila Disabled. The brain-specific Disabled-1 (Dab1) functions in positional organization of brain cells during development. Dab2 is widely distributed and is highly expressed in many epithelial cell types. The dab2 gene was interrupted by in-frame(More)
F9 embryonic stem cell-like teratocarcinoma cells are widely used to study early embryonic development and cell differentiation. The cells can be induced by retinoic acid to undergo endodermal differentiation. The retinoic acid-induced differentiation accompanies cell growth suppression, and thus, F9 cells are also often used as a model for analysis of(More)
Disabled-2 (Dab2) is a putative tumor suppressor in breast and ovarian cancers. Its expression is lost in a majority of tumors, and homozygous deletions have been identified in a small percentage of tumors. Dab2 expression is absent or very low in the majority of breast and ovarian cancer cell lines, including MCF-7 and SK-Br-3 breast cancer cells.(More)
A family of monoclonal antibodies (McAb) has been raised to the major cell-wall structural glycoprotein of the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardii. The work represents an approach using McAb to the structure and function of plant cell wall-components. On the basis of cross-competition assays, the McAb have been subdivided into six groups. Various lines of(More)
In a group of 5 women on long-term anticonvulsant and oral contraceptive therapy, the plasma ethynylestradiol (EE) concentration on 50 microgram EE daily was 11.1 +/- 4.5 pg/ml. These values were at the lower end of the range found in normal women in this laboratory taking 30 microgram EE daily (6-190 pg/ml). Four women have been studied prospectively for 3(More)
The formation of the primitive endoderm layer on the surface of the inner cell mass is one of the earliest epithelial morphogenesis in mammalian embryos. In mouse embryos deficient of Disabled-2 (Dab2), the primitive endoderm cells lose the ability to position on the surface, resulting in defective morphogenesis. Embryonic stem cells lacking Dab2 are also(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the utility of intraprostatic markers in the treatment verification of prostate cancer radiotherapy. Specific aims were: to compare the effectiveness of offline correction protocols, either using gold markers or bony anatomy; to estimate the potential benefit of online correction protocol's using gold markers; to determine the presence(More)