Elizabeth R Andersen Hammond

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Several lines of evidence suggest that interleukin-1 (IL-1) acts directly on the central nervous system, probably within the hypothalamus, causing effects such as fever, activation of the immune response and sickness behaviour. IL-1 has also been shown to be involved in the aetiology of several neuronal diseases, including neurodegeneration, stroke and(More)
A new performance-based tool has been developed to accurately and precisely evaluate finger/hand function during manipulation of any object, independent of geometric and surface properties. The objectives of this study were to show test-retest reliability and evaluate criterion validity. Twenty healthy, right-handed participants were recruited. Three(More)
STUDY DESIGN Clinical Measurement. PURPOSE To evaluate changes in temporal and amplitude movement accuracy with tasks requiring fine motor manipulation with and without the use of the index finger (WIF). PARTICIPANTS Twenty right-handed participants (10 males, 10 females, aged 24-47 years) were recruited. METHODS Three objects, ranging in weight and(More)
It is odd that Augustine de Augustinis, M.D., native of Venice but denizen of England for more than twenty years, has not drawn more attention from Tudor historians. Until the publication in 1960 of the first volume of the Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani (Rome, 1960-), which includes Mario Rosa's sketch, only meagre biographical details had appeared in(More)
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