Elizabeth Q Cox

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BACKGROUND Lactation is thought to buffer stress reactivity via oxytocin (OT). Dysregulation of the HPA axis has been reported in women with postpartum depression (PPD). The co-occurrence of PPD and lactation failure suggests that abnormalities in OT signaling may play a role in PPD. We hypothesized that abnormal OT signaling is implicated in dysregulated(More)
Prescription opioid (PO) dependence is a critical health problem. Although examination of drug cue reactivity paradigms has advanced the understanding of risk factors for relapse for a variety of substances (e.g., cocaine, alcohol, nicotine), no PO specific drug cue paradigm has been developed. The current study addressed this gap in the literature and(More)
OBJECTIVE: To perform a meta-analysis on existing randomized controlled trials to investigate the efficacy of patient letter reminders on increasing cervical cancer screening using Pap smears. METHODS: A search was conducted for all relevant published and unpublished studies between the years 1966 and 2000. Eligibility criteria included randomized(More)
OBJECTIVE Perinatal depression is a common and costly health concern with serious implications for the mother and child. We sought to quantify the "Perinatal Depression Treatment Cascade"-the cumulative shortfalls in clinical recognition, initiation of treatment, adequacy of treatment, and treatment response for women with antenatal (AND) and postpartum(More)
BACKGROUND Substance use disorders (SUDs) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) frequently co-occur among Veterans and are associated with poor treatment outcomes. Historically, treatments for SUDs and PTSD have been delivered sequentially and independently. More recently, however, integrated treatments have shown promise. This study investigated(More)
Aminoacylated phosphatidylglycerols are common lipids in bacterial cytoplasmic membranes. Their presence in Staphylococcus aureus has been linked to increased resistance to a number of antibacterial agents, including antimicrobial peptides. Most commonly, the phosphatidylglycerol headgroup is esterified to lysine, which converts anionic phosphatidylglycerol(More)
In this article, we describe an integrated care model in a perinatal psychiatry program to improve access to care for women who have mood changes during the perinatal period. A nurse-practitioner trained in psychiatry and obstetrics is embedded in the obstetric clinic, and perinatal nurses, often the first professionals to recognize women who are(More)
1 May 3, 2014 **PAS Oral Presentation PREDICTORS OF FAMILY ENGAGEMENT IN FAMILY-CENTERED ROUNDS Elizabeth Cox, MD PhD, Victoria Rajamanickam, MS, Tasha Scott, BS, and Gwen Jacobsohn, MA Background: Experts endorse family-centered rounds (FCR) to ensure high quality inpatient care. However, some families may not engage optimally in FCR. Objective: To(More)
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