Elizabeth Pearlman

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BACKGROUND Mifepristone-misoprostol abortion, consisting of oral pills, is potentially simple and safe enough for use in less-developed countries. But the labour-intensive, costly, clinic-based European protocols are not affordable or feasible in most less-developed countries. METHODS We prospectively tested two simplifications to the French(More)
A nested case-control study was designed to evaluate whether a nearly twofold excess of kidney cancer among workers at a refinery/petrochemical plant was associated with cumulative exposure to C2-C5 saturated, C2-C5 unsaturated, C6-C10 aliphatic saturated, C6-C10 aliphatic unsaturated, and C6-C10 aromatic process streams. Nonoccupational risk factors were(More)
This study was conducted to evaluate the relationship between leukemia occurrence and long-term, low-level benzene exposures in petroleum distribution workers. Fourteen cases were identified among a previously studied cohort [Schnatter et al., Environ Health Perspect 101 (Suppl 6):85-89 (1993)]. Four controls per case were selected from the same cohort,(More)
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