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AIM To investigate general surgical patients' perspectives of the adequacy and appropriateness of their discharge planning. OBJECTIVES To identify any aspects of discharge planning that could be strengthened to assist people in managing their posthospital care and maintaining continuity of care. BACKGROUND Appropriate discharge planning is a priority in(More)
AIM This paper describes the evolution of Australian practice nursing and documents seminal events in crystallizing the importance of the nursing role in general practice. BACKGROUND Internationally, the potential for nurses to improve health in primary care settings is acknowledged. The general practice setting is a focal point for primary care in many(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined older people's attitudes about falls and implications for the design of fall-prevention awareness campaigns. METHODS We assessed data from (1) computer-assisted telephone surveys conducted in 2002 with Australians 60 years and older in Northern Rivers, New South Wales (site of a previous fall-prevention program; n=1601), and Wide(More)
BACKGROUND Within the university sector, one's corporate worth is, to a great extent, measured by research output, including refereed publications. Currently, only 7% of nurse academics publish each year. If nurses are to be competitive in the university arena and close the research-practice gap, they must be encouraged to publish. METHOD This article(More)
BACKGROUND With an estimated 80% of Australians visiting a general practitioner at least once a year, the data generated by GPs is a rich source of the overall health profile of patients. However, this data is rarely used to report on health outcomes. OBJECTIVE This article reports on the use of remote access of electronic medical records (EMRs) for the(More)
Recent efforts to develop legal mechanisms to detect prenatal substance abuse and force pregnant women into drug-free conditions have precipitated ethical struggles for social workers. This article reviews relevant social work values and ethical issues, particularly the need to balance obligations to promote client self-determination, privacy, and access to(More)
The Australian government's commitment to health service reform has placed general practice at the centre of its agenda to manage chronic disease. Concerns about the capacity of GPs to meet the growing chronic disease burden has stimulated the implementation and testing of new models of care that better utilise practice nurses (PN). This paper reports on a(More)
AIM The aims of this study were to (1) explore the clinical handover processes between ambulance and ED personnel of patients arriving by ambulance at one hospital and (2) identify factors that impact on the information transfer to ascertain strategies for improvement. METHODS A focused ethnographic approach was used that included participant observation,(More)
AIM This paper outlines the current state of Australian practice nursing, describes the context of general practice and establishes the importance of promoting leadership and management in this setting. BACKGROUND Australian general practice nurses have emerged as key stakeholders in primary health care. However, their role in leadership and management(More)