Elizabeth McMahon

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We define a two-variable polynomial fa(t, z) for a greedoid G which generalizes the standard one-variable greedoid polynomial A<j(f). Several greedoid invariants (including the number of feasible sets, bases, and spanning sets) are easily shown to be evaluations of fG(t, z). We prove (Theorem 2.8) that when G is a rooted directed arborescence, fo(t, z)(More)
Creative, innovative, and timely research on islands and island futures is warranted and pressing, not least because island(er)s are poorly served by established tropes of them as subordinate to continents or mainlands. Opportunities exist to provide a more thoroughgoing account of island life and island relations, and the seven papers in this special issue(More)
In a geometry, a maximal cap is a collection of points of largest size no three of which are collinear. In AG(4, 3), maximal caps contain 20 points; the 81 points of AG(4, 3) can be partitioned into 4 mutually disjoint maximal caps together with a single point P , where every pair of points that makes a line with P lies entirely inside one of those caps.(More)
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