Elizabeth McCluskey

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In early 2010, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) science collaboration initiated a study to investigate the physics potential of the experiment with a broad set of different beam, nearand far-detector configurations. Nine initial topics were identified as scientific areas that motivate construction of a long-baseline neutrino experiment with a(More)
P. Adamson, C. Ader, M. Andrews, N. Anfimov, I. Anghel, 1 K. Arms, E. Arrieta-Diaz, A. Aurisano, D. Ayres, C. Backhouse, M. Baird, B. A. Bambah, K. Bays, R. Bernstein, M. Betancourt, V. Bhatnagar, B. Bhuyan, J. Bian, K. Biery, T. Blackburn, V. Bocean, D. Bogert, A. Bolshakova, M. Bowden, C. Bower, D. Broemmelsiek, C. Bromberg, G. Brunetti, X. Bu, A.(More)
The NuMI beamline at Fermilab has been delivering high-intensity muon neutrino beams to the MINOS experiment since the spring of 2005. A total of 3.4 times 10<sup>20</sup> protons has been delivered to the NuMI target and a maximum beam power of 320 kW has been achieved. An upgrade of the NuMI facility increasing the beam power capability to 700 kW is(More)
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