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BACKGROUND There is increasing emphasis on person-centred care within the literature and the health care context. It is suggested that a person-centred approach to medication activities has the potential to improve patient experiences and outcomes. OBJECTIVES This study set out to examine how nurses and patients interact with each other during medication(More)
The use of photography is an underreported method of research in the nursing literature. This paper explores its use in an ethnographic research project, the fieldwork of which was undertaken by the first author. The aim was to examine the governance of operating room nursing in the clinical setting and the theoretical orientation was the work of Michel(More)
Non-adherence to antipsychotic medication is associated with relapse of psychiatric symptoms and readmission to inpatient mental health services. The important role of the mental health nurse in facilitating adherence has been acknowledged, however, there has been little exploration of how nurses themselves perceive this aspect of their role. A qualitative(More)
AIM This paper reports a study comparing nurses' perceptions of their public image with their self-image, and examining how the relationship between their perceived public image and self-image was associated with their job performance and turnover intentions. BACKGROUND The stereotypical public image of nursing is a major concern to nurses. However, it is(More)
This paper explores the complex interrelationships between knowledge and decision making as nurses and doctors interacted with each other in a critical care unit, which comprised a combined general intensive care and cardiothoracic surgical unit. The critical ethnographic study upon which this paper is based, involved a research group of six nurses who(More)
Unrelieved acute pain remains prevalent in hospitalized patients despite advances in pain management. A decade after the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council called for improved pain management practices by health professionals, it released clinical guidelines to provide clinicians with current scientific evidence to augment their(More)
As the momentum for nurse practitioner roles rapidly increases in Australia, little scholarly attention has been directed towards barriers to role expansion, the confidence necessary to undertake expanded practice roles (other than prescription of medication), or the educational preparation required for expanded roles. This paper reports on community mental(More)
This paper considers the ways in which the nursing handover involves a complex network of communication that impacts on nursing interactions. The critical ethnographic study upon which this paper is based involved a research group of six nurses who worked in one critical care unit. Data-collection methods involved professional journalling, participant(More)
BACKGROUND As patients move across transition points of care, medication discrepancies are likely to occur. In the emergency department (ED), patients are vulnerable to medication discrepancies because they are in an environment in which rapid decisions need to be made under high levels of stress. OBJECTIVE To identify the patient-, environment-, and(More)
OBJECTIVES To systematically review the evidence on the impact of interventions to improve medication adherence in adults prescribed antihypertensive medications. METHODS An electronic search was undertaken of articles published between 1979 and 2009, without language restriction, that focused on interventions to improve antihypertensive medication(More)