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Immunohistology for expression of the CD3zeta and CD3epsilon chains in TIL was performed in 138 paraffin-embedded primary oral squamous cell carcinoma tissues and 10 nontumor, inflammatory lesions. Semiquantitative analysis of the staining intensity for zeta chain expression and number of zeta chain expression-positive cells distinguished tumors with absent(More)
When pulmonary arterial blood flow is obstructed in all mammals studied, there is a compensatory growth of the bronchial vasculature. This angiogenesis normally occurs through a proliferation of the systemic circulation to the intraparenchymal airways. It is an important pathophysiological process, not only in pulmonary vascular disease, but also in lung(More)
BACKGROUND Propofol and ketamine have been purported to decrease bronchoconstriction during induction of anesthesia and intubation. Whether they act on airway smooth muscle or through neural reflexes has not been determined. We compared propofol and ketamine to attenuate the direct activation of airway smooth muscle by methacholine and limit neurally(More)
The condition of unification of gauge couplings in the minimal supersymmet-ric standard model provides successful predictions for the weak mixing angle as a function of the strong gauge coupling and the supersymmetric threshold scale. In addition, in some scenarios, e.g. in the minimal SO(10) model, the tau lepton and the bottom and top quark Yukawa(More)
  • E M Wagner
  • 2000
The pro-inflammatory characteristics of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) have been extensively characterized in in vitro systems. Furthermore, this cytokine has been shown to play a pivotal role in airways inflammation in asthma. Since the airway vasculature also performs an essential function in inflammatory cell transit to the airways, experiments(More)
1. Seventeen normal volunteers aged 19 to 22 were randomly subjected, in a trial of crossover design, to three distinct regimens of sodium chloride intake: high (16 to 20 g), normal (8 to 12 g) and low (0.5 to 1 g). Each regimen lasted nine days, with determination of blood pressure and heart rate (in the supine position and after sudden rising), body(More)
In vivo models of airway inflammation suggest that most protein transudation occurs from bronchial microcirculation. However, due to technical limitations in the isolation and culture of bronchial endothelial cells, most studies of lung vascular permeability have focused on pulmonary endothelium. Thus conditions for culture of sheep bronchial artery(More)
The cerebral blood flow (CBF) response to changes in perfusion pressure mediated through decreases in arterial pressure, increases in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pressure and increases in jugular venous pressure was studied in anesthetized dogs. A preparation was developed in which each of the three relevant pressures could be controlled and manipulated(More)
Lung compliance is generally considered to represent a blend of surface and tissue forces, and changes in compliance in vivo are commonly used to indicate changes in surface forces. There are, however, theoretical arguments that would allow contraction of airway smooth muscle to affect substantially the elasticity of the lung. In the present study we(More)
Fibrous attachments to the airway wall and a subpleural surrounding pressure can create an external load against which airway smooth muscle must contract. A decrease in this load has been proposed as a possible cause of increased airway narrowing in asthmatic individuals. To study the interaction between the airways and the surrounding lung parenchyma, we(More)