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The relative contribution of genetic and environmental influences to the US black-white disparity in cardiovascular disease (CVD) is hotly debated within the public health, anthropology, and medical communities. In this article, we review evidence for developmental and epigenetic pathways linking early life environments with CVD, and critically evaluate(More)
Despite the fact that ocean acidification is considered to be especially pronounced in the Southern Ocean, little is known about CO 2-dependent physiological processes and the interactions of Antarctic phytoplankton key species. We therefore studied the effects of CO 2 partial pressure (P CO 2) (16.2, 39.5, and 101.3 Pa) on growth and photosynthetic carbon(More)
Household financial debt in America has risen dramatically in recent years. While there is evidence that debt is associated with adverse psychological health, its relationship with other health outcomes is relatively unknown. We investigate the associations of multiple indices of financial debt with psychological and general health outcomes among 8400 young(More)
200 Asian 300 African, Chinese, or Scottish children were examined for clinical, biochemical, and radiological evidence of vitamin-D deficiency. Among the Asians there were 10 with florid rickets and 15 with subclinical rickets. Among the African, Chinese, and Scottish children there were no cases of florid rickets and only 7 cases of subclinical rickets (3(More)