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The structures of 2-hydroxybenzamide (C7H7NO2) and 2-methoxybenzamide (C8H9NO2) have been determined in the gas-phase by electron diffraction using results from quantum chemical calculations to(More)
The molecular structures of NbOBr(3), NbSCl(3), and NbSBr(3) have been determined by gas-phase electron diffraction (GED) at nozzle-tip temperatures of 250 degrees C, taking into account the possible(More)
Gallaborane (GaBH(6), 1), synthesized by the metathesis of LiBH(4) with [H(2)GaCl](n) at ca. 250 K, has been characterized by chemical analysis and by its IR and (1)H and (11)B NMR spectra. The IR(More)
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