Elizabeth M Norris

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The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of respiratory depression following the use of diazepam in children presenting with seizures. All children presenting with seizures to a children's A & E department over a period of 9 months were studied prospectively. Respiratory depression was defined as a fall in respiratory rate or oxygen saturation,(More)
INTRODUCTION Physical activity (PA) has been shown to be an important factor for health and educational outcomes in children. However, a large proportion of children's school day is spent in sedentary lesson-time. There is emerging evidence about the effectiveness of physically active lessons: integrating physical movements and educational content in the(More)
This literature review illustrates the various ways images are used in teaching and the evidence appertaining to it and advice regarding permissions and use. Four databases were searched, 23 papers were retained out of 135 abstracts found for the study. Images are frequently used to motivate an audience to listen to a lecture or to note key medical(More)
  • Michael Patrick Mccue, John J Guinan, Thesis Supervisor, Robert Mayer Brown, Susan Beckvold, Dianna Sands +31 others
Due to the condition of the original material, there are unavoidable flaws in this reproduction. We have made every effort possible to provide you with the best copy available. If you are dissatisfied with this product and find it unusable, please contact Document Services as soon as possible. ABSTRACT Mammals have evolved an inner ear with six different(More)
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