Elizabeth M. Latty

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Sexual arousal is category-specific in men; heterosexual men are more aroused by female than by male sexual stimuli, whereas homosexual men show the opposite pattern. There is reason to believe that female sexual arousal is organized differently. We assessed genital and subjective sexual arousal to male and female sexual stimuli in women, men, and(More)
Men's sexual arousal patterns are category-specific: Men typically display significantly greater physiological responses to sexual stimuli depicting members of their preferred gender category. Category-specific patterns of sexual arousal have not been consistently reported in natal women. We used vaginal photoplethysmography to examine patterns of sexual(More)
n Eleven post-operative male-to-female transsexuals were exposed to sexual stimuli on video while physiological (vaginal photoplethysmographic) and subjective measures of sexual arousal were being recorded. The comparison of their responses to male versus female stimuli, combined with their orientations (attracted to men versus women), illustrated a target(More)
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