Elizabeth M. Humphreys

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1. Movement patterns of predators should allow them to detect and respond to prey patches at different spatial scales, particularly through the adoption of area-restricted search (ARS) behaviour. Here we use fine-scale movement and activity data combined with first-passage time (FPT) analysis to examine the foraging strategy of northern gannets Morus(More)
Blastocysts (1-14) were transferred unilaterally into 63 pseudopregnant mice which were killed on Day 17. Plasma progesterone concentrations were significantly (P less than 0.05) lower in animals with one fetus than in those with 2-5 or 9-14 fetuses. Plasma testosterone concentrations were correlated with fetal number in mice with 1-13 fetuses (P less than(More)
Oxytocin secretion is inhibited by opioids, and oxytocin is important in parturition. The effects on parturition of morphine, a relatively selective mu-opioid receptor agonist, were studied in the rat. Morphine or vehicle with or without the opiate antagonist naloxone were administered immediately after the birth of the second pup and the subsequent course(More)