Elizabeth M. Haynes

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Lamellipodia are sheet-like, leading edge protrusions in firmly adherent cells that contain Arp2/3-generated dendritic actin networks. Although lamellipodia are widely believed to be critical for directional cell motility, this notion has not been rigorously tested. Using fibroblasts derived from Ink4a/Arf-deficient mice, we generated a stable line depleted(More)
Arp2/3-branched actin is critical for cytoskeletal dynamics and cell migration. However, perturbations and diseases affecting this network have phenotypes that cannot be fully explained by cell-autonomous effects. In this paper, we report nonautonomous effects of Arp2/3 depletion. We show that, upon Arp2/3 depletion, the expression of numerous genes(More)
The lamellipodium is an important structure for cell migration containing branched actin nucleated via the Arp2/3 complex. The formation of branched actin is relatively well studied, but less is known about its disassembly and how this influences migration. GMF is implicated in both Arp2/3 debranching and inhibition of Arp2/3 activation. Modulation of GMFβ,(More)
INTRODUCTION Thrombocytosis is a common disorder in patients diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. The decreased platelet counts commonly found iron deficiency anemia is rarely reported in clinical practice. The exact mechanism of the occurrence of thrombocytopenia in iron deficiency anemia remains unclear. In this case report we discuss a triad of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study introduces the Comprehensive Assessment Measure for the Minimally Responsive Individual (CAMMRI) and reports on its development, inter-rater reliability, construct validity and clinical value. METHODS A multidisciplinary team of therapists developed this measure, which comprises 12 sub-tests that examine three main areas: Response to(More)
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