Elizabeth M Chacko

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Peripheral blood CD4+ T cell counts are a key measure for assessing disease progression and need for antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected patients. More recently, studies have demonstrated a dramatic depletion of mucosal CD4+ T cells during acute infection that is maintained during chronic pathogenic HIV as well as SIV infection. A different clinical(More)
Series has been presented continuously since 1988. Envision will be available to offsite CDC locations; Web access will be available on the Internet but only at the time of this presentation. Please contact Editor if you wish to view on the Web. Cosponsors to the NCHS Cartography and GIS Guest Lecture Series include CDC's Behavioral and Social Science(More)
BACKGROUND Mandibular resections are routinely carried out for achieving a R0 resection for oral cancers. However, the need of mandibular resection to achieve this has always been questioned. The present study was carried out to define the pattern of mandibular involvement in carcinoma of the mandibular region. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 25(More)
This fall marks the 70 th year of the Department of Geography at GWU. Our department continues to thrive with over 150 majors in Geography and Environmental Studies, 25 graduate students, and the creation of a new GIS Certificate Program to begin in 2014. We just completed a major Academic Program Review that demonstrated the growth of the department and(More)
This fall marks the Department of Geography's 6 th year in Old Main. We have robust numbers of Geography and Environmental Studies undergraduate majors and 22 graduate students in the Geography MA program. We also have 17 students in our new GIS Certificate program, directed by alumna Dr. Nuala Cowan. The Geography Suite in 1922 F street continues to be a(More)
The year 2011 marks several milestones for the Department of Geography at GWU. It has been five years since Geography became the institutional home of the Environmental Studies Program. Geography and Environmental Studies are both thriving with almost equal numbers of majors, and increasing numbers of students are declaring a minor in Geography and GIS.(More)
I am very pleased to report that the Department of Geography and the Environmental Studies Program (which is housed within the Department) are flourishing. Numbers of both full-time faculty and students declaring a major in Geography or Environmental Studies are on the rise. We currently have 10 full-time faculty, 84 majors in Geography and 82 majors in(More)
Electroretinogram is the electrical potential generated by the retina to a flash of light. The response obtained from the retina to a flash of light is a gross potential and is contributed by the various component cells of the retina. This information can be more defined and can be attributed to the functions of the individual retinal cells by altering the(More)
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