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We tested the level of knowledge on diabetes and professional skills in a group of 60 non-diabetological health care professionals at the Policlinic of Pisa regarding the recognition and treatment of hypoglycaemia, the storage, mixing and administration of insulin, blood glucose stick monitoring, and the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot. The(More)
This paper presents a simulation model of the operations in the Labor and Delivery Rooms at Jackson Memorial Hospital. A thorough analysis of the contents of hospital's databases revealed that although there is a significant amount of data, some of it is not usable. Nonetheless, with the available data, it was possible to establish relatively good inputs(More)
Fashion is a site of cultural production where issues of gender, identity and consumerism meet. While the rhetoric of the fashion industry often remains focused on innovation at the expense of women's lived experiences, independent fashion bloggers provide a necessary cultural critique of its practices. However, as the fashion industry pays more attention(More)
INTRODUCTION The infant-mortality rate in children aged less than five is an indicator of the general state of health of a population and directly reflects the quality of life and the level of socio-economic development of a country. OBJECTIVE Avoidable mortality was assessed in preschool children as a reflection of Colombia quality of life and(More)
I investigate how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as an exemplar case study of intractable conflict, might be re-envisioned by destabilizing the paradigms of the belligerents. I detail how paradigms and our perceptions of and interactions with them influence, direct, and even defeat attempts at understanding social situations (of which violent conflict is(More)
INTRODUCTION Cardiovascular disease is a public health problem globally; it represents the second cause of mortality in Colombia. This highlights the importance of identifying risk markers from the time of childhood, in order to diminish mortality rates proactively. OBJECTIVES The lipid profile, homocysteine and C reactive protein plasma concentrations(More)
INTRODUCTION When determining some populations state of health, an understanding of the causes of mortality is essential. OBJECTIVES Changes in mortality due to causes was established to determine their contribution to the life-expectancy by gender and region of the Colombian population aged 15 to 74, between 1985 and 1999, by gender and region. (More)
INTRODUCTION Studies on leptin administration have demonstrated a reversion of insulin resistance, and that leptin produces effects in glucose metabolism. OBJECTIVE Changes in the insulin and glucose concentrations in blood plasma was evaluated by intraperitoneal administration of mimetic leptin peptides in Wistar rats fed with high fat diet. MATERIALS(More)
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