Elizabeth Lopez

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Introducción. La enfermedad cardiovascular es un problema de salud pública en el mundo y representa la segunda causa de mortalidad en Colombia; de ahí, la importancia de identificar marcadores de riesgo desde la infancia, para disminuir las tasas de mortalidad. Objetivos. Determinar el perfil lipídico, la homocisteína y la proteína C reactiva e identificar(More)
This paper presents a simulation model of the operations in the Labor and Delivery Rooms at Jackson Memorial Hospital. A thorough analysis of the contents of hospital's databases revealed that although there is a significant amount of data, some of it is not usable. Nonetheless, with the available data, it was possible to establish relatively good inputs(More)
Audio is an effective but often overlooked component of World Wide Web delivery. Of the nearly twenty billion web pages estimated to exist, statistically few use sound. Those few using sound often use it poorly and with hardly any regard to theoretical and rhetorical issues. This thesis is an examination of the uses of audio on the World Wide Web,(More)
Background The 1999 General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1250 (S. Newman) directing the Board of Education , in cooperation with the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services and the Department of Health, to develop guidelines for licensed school personnel to use in contacting parents or, if conditions warrant, the local or(More)
INTRODUCTION The infant-mortality rate in children aged less than five is an indicator of the general state of health of a population and directly reflects the quality of life and the level of socio-economic development of a country. OBJECTIVE Avoidable mortality was assessed in preschool children as a reflection of Colombia quality of life and(More)
This thesis aspires to give voice to Jordynn Jack and L. Greggory Appelbaum's call for more research in Neurorhetorics. The first chapter reviews the pertinent literature encompassing what is titled, " The Rhetoric of Science, " noting appropriate concepts, arguments, and theories. The second chapter provides an introduction to fundamental ideas in(More)
The word " queer " generates mixed feelings. For some, it is a way to denigrate gays and lesbians, though, in recent years, those in LGBT communities have re-appropriated the term and have given it a more positive spin. This project aims to investigate exactly that kind of social action, specifically, looking at the way some take socially constructed norms(More)
Glucemia y concentraciones de insulina en sangre de ratas Wistar sometidas a dieta alta en grasa y a tratamiento con péptidos miméticos de leptina Glucose and insulin levels in Wistar rats submitted to high fat diet and treatment with mimetic leptin peptides Introduction. Studies on leptin administration have demonstrated a reversion of insulin resistance,(More)
This thesis analyzes public " nurse-ins " and breastfeeding activism of the past decade, examining public breastfeeding demonstrations as an example of collective rhetoric in which the individual is empowered in its relation to the masses. The author discusses the potential of collective rhetoric to reintroduce feminist activism at a time dominated by(More)