Elizabeth Loftus

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The number of people exploring the World Wrde Web is growing dramatically. Many companies are interested in the potential of advertising on the web, but there is little research to guide their decision. The present study demonstrates the concept of a corporate sponsored website as a promising direction for web advertisers. Advertisements for products(More)
One would expect psychology—the science of mental life and behavior—to place great emphasis on the means by which mental life is behaviorally expressed. Surprisingly, however, the study of how decisions are enacted—the focus of motor control research— has received little attention in psychology. This article documents the neglect and considers possible(More)
Unhampered by current ethical standards and human subject committees, H. Bernheim (1889) created a false memory of a horrific traumatic event. Bernheim also demonstrated his subject's willingness to discuss the implanted memory with a representative of the law. Bernheim's work represents the first documented case of an implanted false traumatic memory, with(More)
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