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Displacing New York
The capitalization of urban property markets intensifies the contradictions between housing as use-value affordability versus exchange-value asset accumulation, and exacerbates displacement
Race, Gender, and Statistical Representation: Predatory Mortgage Lending and the US Community Reinvestment Movement
American mortgage markets, once arenas of discrimination by exclusion, now operate as venues of segmentation and discrimination by inclusion: credit is widely available, but its terms vary
The Spectacular and the Mundane: Racialised State Violence, Filipino Migrant Workers, and Their Families
We consider two case studies—a US soldier and a domestic worker—with the objective of elaborating spectacular and mundane instances of state violence as they emerge through projects of citizenship.
When Sailors Kiss: Picturing Homosexuality in Post‐World War II America
There is an infinity of different ways in which a kiss can be delivered; and its meaning, both to participants and to onlookers, will vary accordingly. It can express deference, obethence, respect,
Figuring the Prison: Prerequisites of Torture at Abu Ghraib1
This article presents a critique of prevailing left-of-center journalism and academic scholarship on the revelation of torture of Iraqi prisoners of war by United States military personnel at Abu
Therapeutic Beauty
The subject of female purity constituted a dominant theme for American artists in the late nineteenth century. Artists such as Abbott Handerson Thayer, Edmund Tarbell, Thomas Dewing and others
The diary of Elizabeth Lee : growing up on Merseyside in the late nineteenth century
Preface Acknowledgements List of Figures and Tables List of Plates The Diary of Elizabeth Lee: An Introductory Essay Origins of the diary Women in late-nineteenth-century England Merseyside in the
Winners of the 2009 Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography Annual Award for New and Emerging Scholars: Elizabeth Lee and Polly Vauquline
In 2007, the editorial team introduced the Gender, Place and Culture Annual Award for New and Emerging Scholars with funds supplied by Taylor & Francis (please see the 2010 Gender, Place and Culture