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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine, using a dose-response model, sex differences in computerised neurocognitive performance among athletes with a history of multiple concussions. DESIGN Retrospective with randomly selected concussion cases from four levels/numbers of previous concussion. SETTING Multicentre analysis of NCAA(More)
The purpose of the current study was to explore potential differences in pre- and post-concussion performance on a computerized neurocognitive concussion test between African American and White high-school and collegiate student-athletes. A prospective case-control design was used to compare baseline and 2- and 7-day post-concussion computerized(More)
UNLABELLED Using mixed methods, this study examined the relationship of caregivers of children with disabilities' psychological well-being (PWB) and their orchestration of daily routines within their ecological niche. Thirty-nine U.S. caregivers completed in-depth interviews, PWB Scales, and Family Time and Routines Index (FTRI). We used a multi-step(More)
Experience sampling examined how temporality, the lived experience of time, varied related to specific activity qualities and experiences in everyday life. Thirty-five students completed electronic surveys regarding their current activity and feelings and rated the activity's novelty and complexity, their depth of emotional and intellectual engagement, the(More)
As e-government grows in scope and complexity, an increasing number of e-government services have surpassed the digital access and literacy of many members of the public. Often referred to as the digitally excluded, these individuals seek information intermediaries – such as public libraries and other community anchor institutions – to bridge their(More)
Figure 1-1 presents the project management structure for the Water Quality Monitoring Program in Cape Cod Bay for MWRA. This plan details the project organization, sample handling, sample analysis, and data loading for this program. Dr. Amy Costa is the PCCS Director of the Cape Cod Bay Monitoring Program and will fill a number of roles including Program(More)
When e-government first became a viable solution to the dissemination of government information, experts believed that the rise of direct government-to-citizen (G2C) services would improve government transparency and foster civic engagement. It soon became clear, however, that not all users were not getting the type of information or instruction that they(More)
In this poster, we describe phase one of an IMLS-funded project begun in December 2010, wherein a team of researchers from the Information Policy and Access Center at the University of Maryland, assisted by the American Library Association, the University of Chicago-Illinois, and various state library agencies and public libraries, has developed a list of(More)
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