Elizabeth L. Weitzke

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Neuronal growth cone advance was investigated by correlative light and electron microscopy carried out on chick dorsal root ganglion cells. Advance was analyzed in terms of the two principal organelles responsible for protrusive motility in the growth cone - namely, veils and filopodia. Veils alternated between rapid phases of protrusion and retraction.(More)
Modeling approaches to the dynamics of a living cell are presented that are strongly based on its underlying physical and chemical processes and its hierarchical spatio-temporal organization. Through the inclusion of a broad spectrum of processes and a rigorous analysis of the multiple scale nature of cellular dynamics, we are attempting to advance cell(More)
In order to predict cell behavior in response to changes in its surroundings or to modifications of its genetic code, the dynamics of a cell are modeled using equations of metabolism, transport, transcription and translation implemented in the Karyote software. Our methodology accounts for the organelles of eukaryotes and the specialized zones in(More)
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