Elizabeth L Tran

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We have assembled two junctions that incorporate redox sites between Hg electrodes by different interactions. In the first junction, Hg-SAM-R//R-SAM-Hg, the redox site (R) are covalently linked to each electrode in self assembled monolayers (SAM-R). In the second junction, Hg-SAM//R//SAM-Hg, the redox sites dissolved in solution are trapped by electrostatic(More)
Halo orthoses present a paradox. On the one hand, the nominally rigid immobilization they provide to the head aims to remove loads on the cervical spine following injury or surgery, and the devices are retightened routinely to maintain this. On the other hand, bone growth and remodeling are well known to require mechanical stressing. How are these competing(More)
This paper describes the formation and electrical properties of a new Hg-based metal-molecules-metal junction that incorporates charged redox sites into the space between the electrodes. The junction is formed by bringing into contact two mercury-drop electrodes whose surfaces are covered by COO(-)-terminated self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) and immersed in(More)
Experimental data for electron exchange between two electrodes covered by electroactive films are presented and discussed in terms of the Gerischer model. A model Hamiltonian is proposed for such indirect electron exchange involving two intermediate species. Explicit model calculations are performed for the case in which the coupling between the two(More)
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