Elizabeth L Shoenfelt

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A preseason mental skills program for serving was implemented for the 11 members of an intercollegiate volleyball team (M age = 20.0 yr.; SD = 1.1; years of intercollegiate volleyball experience M = 2.6; SD = 0.9). Key mental skills taught were relaxation, imagery, attentional focus, goal setting, behavioral modeling, and performance routine. A videotaped(More)
154 undergraduates role-played a restaurant server experiencing positive, neutral, or negative Job or Life Satisfaction. Positive Satisfaction resulted in ratings of more positive reported mood state, lower expected absenteeism and turnover intentions, and greater expected Organizational Citizenship Behavior than did Neutral Satisfaction and Negative(More)
This study empirically assessed the effect weight training has on the accuracy of free-throw shots immediately following a weight-training session. On On alternating days of the week for eight weeks, 14 members of a women's varsity intercollegiate basketball team engaged in a weight-training program and an aerobics exercise program. Each day immediately(More)
The proposition that variable practice may be superior to constant practice even for consistent transfer situations was tested on a prototypical consistently performed skill, the basketball free throw. 94 participants were matched on free-throw shooting, then randomly assigned to one of four practice conditions, a Constant condition, i.e., at the free-throw(More)
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