Elizabeth L Manning

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The present study used inbred, histocompatible Fischer 344 (FIS) and Lewis (LEW) rats to begin to explore the role of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in the immune processes and pain behavior associated with the carrageenan model of acute hindpaw inflammation. Because the HPA axis contributes in part to morphine's analgesic and(More)
The song of intact male canaries develops under the almost exclusive control of the left hypoglossus and left syringeal half. Section of the left hypoglossus or of its tracheosyringealis branch induces the right hypoglossus to assume a dominant control over vocal behavior. When this operation is done during the first two weeks after hatching the ensuing(More)
A widespread rule of sex work is that payment occurs before service provision. Drawing on a subset of data collected as part of an ethnographic study conducted in metro Vancouver, Canada, this paper explores the temporal and gendered connections between payment and financial violence in a semi-criminalised indoor sex industry. A detailed examination of the(More)
A reliable, simple radioimmunoassay for measurement of the urinary excretion rate of the acid-labile conjugate of aldosterone is described, in which aldosterone, reconstituted by acid hydrolysis of a urinary metabolite, is quantified. The results were compared with those obtained by double-isotope dilution. Using both methods, aldosterone excretion rates(More)