Elizabeth L Digby

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The α-proteobacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus is a model organism for the study of bacterial photosynthesis and the bacteriophage-like gene transfer agent. Characterization of phages that infect Rhodobacter is extremely rare, and scarce for the α-proteobacteria in general. Here, we describe the discovery of the only functional Mu-like transposing phage to(More)
Heme and bacteriochlorophyll a (BChl) biosyntheses share the same pathway to protoporphyrin IX, which then branches as follows. Fe(2+) chelation into the macrocycle by ferrochelatase results in heme formation, and Mg(2+) addition by Mg-chelatase commits the porphyrin to BChl synthesis. It was recently discovered that a bchD (Mg-chelatase) mutant of(More)
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