Elizabeth L. Daniel

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The Chloride Intracellular Ion Channel (CLIC) family consists of six evolutionarily conserved proteins in humans. Members of this family are unusual, existing as both monomeric soluble proteins and as integral membrane proteins where they function as chloride selective ion channels, however no function has previously been assigned to their soluble form.(More)
Four-quadrature spectral interferometry using balanced coherent detection enables single-shot full-field characterization of complex-shaped optical waveforms with near quantum-limited sensitivity. A 90° optical hybrid places a waveform in four-quadrature-phases with a stronger, well-characterized reference pulse. Measurement of the four spectra with an(More)
—This paper presents a parameter modeling to Power System Stabilizers (PSS) using MLP and RBF neural networks. The application of neural networks in PSS aims to improve the dynamic stability of electric power systems by reducing the machine eletromechanic damping oscillation when a disturbance occurs. According to the current plant operating conditions, the(More)
—The paper presents the project to Power System Stabilizer applied to the generators of the gas turbines of Combined Cycle Power Station. The project developed used MATLAB software for the stabilizer's parameters calculation. The calculation was gotten from the linear model based on a machine connected on an infinite-bus. The stabilizers had been used to(More)
Dieting expectancies are cognitive variables pertaining to anticipated outcomes individuals expect to obtain from dieting to lose weight. This investigation examined the factor structure of dieting expectancies in an adolescent population, age 10-18, and tested the ability of factors to distinguish among types of dieter, diet pill user, and vomiter groups.(More)
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