Elizabeth K. Shea

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Cephalopod movement occurs during all phases of the life history, with the abundance and location of cephalopod populations strongly influenced by the prevalence and scale of their movements. Environmental parameters, such as sea temperature and oceanographic processes, have a large influence on movement at the various life cycle stages, particularly those(More)
BACKGROUND In contrast to the well-studied continental shelf region of the Gulf of Maine, fundamental questions regarding the diversity, distribution, and abundance of species living in deep-sea habitats along the adjacent continental margin remain unanswered. Lack of such knowledge precludes a greater understanding of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and limits(More)
Breastfeeding pamphlets are being produced for new mothers by both commercial and nonprofit sources in increasing quantities. A regional lactation committee decided to evaluate these materials on the basis of accuracy, degree of positive approach to breastfeeding, readability and compliance with the WHO/UNICEF Code on the Marketing of Breast Milk(More)
Bear Seamount (BSM) is the most inshore seamount in the New England Seamount chain. It is located within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone and is contained within the recently established Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. In 2000, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Systematics Laboratory began an(More)
The Massachusetts Military Reservation is located in the western portion of Cape Cod. World War II and the period immediately afterward saw the most intense military activity on the base. During this time, chemicals leached into the groundwater and contaminated the aquifer. One of the larger regions, or plumes, of groundwater contamination is the Chemical(More)
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